Daisy Red Ryder BB Fun Kit

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Daisy Red Ryder BB Fun Kit


If you ask a shooter or hunter today how they learned to shoot, you'll discover that most of them took their first shot with a Daisy BB gun. Because airguns have form and function similar to firearms, it's not uncommon to use a BB gun as a training gun, use a pellet rifle as a primary practice rifle or use a CO2 pistol in order to be familiar with proper handling of a semi-automatic pistol. Because Daisy is the leading manufacturer of airguns, the company takes seriously its obligation to emphasize shooting safety.

Calibre / Chamber BB
Barrel Smooth Bore Steel
Receiver Lever Cocking, Spring Air
Magazine Capacity 650
Safety Crossbolt Trigger Block
Sights Blade & Ramp Front
Recoil Pad NA
Accessories Shooting Glasses, Tin of BB (750) BB Pellets, Target Fun Pack
Case No
Chokes NA


Weight 6kgs