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Beretta Shooting Shields

Available in 7 Colours
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We have increased the size of the polycarbonate injected lenses on the temple and forehead to improve the quality of the field of vision. The dedicated metal frame features wrapping tips to keep your shields securely in place and a comfortable nose piece for easy wear. Hard case and cleaning soft bag included.

0900 Clear lenses: perfect for indoor use and good for low light days. 
0301 Red lenses: highlights the clay against the light sky. Good for bright days. 
0999 Black lenses: perfect when sunny and for all day use. 
0201 Yellow lenses: good for fog and low light, early morning or at dusk. 
0407 Orange lenses: highlights the clay against a light sky. Good for bright days. 
0316 Purple lenses: enhance the orange clays against a green background.
0504 Smoke Lenses: perfect for all weather use.

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